Meet our Ambassadors

Julian Castro

Hailing all the way from sunny South Florida, Julian has been riding these streets for decades. When he's not shooting amazing photo sand videos with his clients, he can be found cycling to yoga, the park, or a nearby coffee shop to write with his favorite fountain pen. His favorite accomplishment is growing his freelance business over the past three years, and his goals include selling more of his art, helping more clients bring their dreams to life, and doing a backflip.

Kara Baruzzini

Kara is a facilitator of Human Connection Experiences and a yoga teacher residing in the city of Miami. She lives to encourage people to grow together to create a more fulfilling life. As the world swings so far in the direction of online connection and offline disconnection, her mission is to send momentum the opposite way, creating genuine moments of human connection, face to face.

Ben Hicks

Ben Hicks is a wildlife photographer of 17 years who is passionate about spreading awareness about our environment. His recent accomplishments include the Smithsonian Sustainable Future Award, Ocean Conservancy Photo award, Crest award from Gumbo Limbo, and BBC Earth Sustainable Me campaign. On his free time, Ben loves to build things – everything from his photography studio to his children’s playhouse, Ben loves to work with his hands. Ben’s goals are to continue being passionate about his career and leaving his legacy in environmental conservations. Reflecting on that is raising my kids to respect the environment and live outside as much as possible!